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a legacy blueprint

Founded in the kitchen of our home in Toronto, Canada in 2015, Fritz’s began as a medical cannabis experiment utilizing the leftovers of vaporized weed. This turned into a passion to bring our edibles to the wider cannabis community. 



Fritz’s is focused on handcrafted, small batch edibles and innovative cannabis products made for the discerning cannabis consumer. Fritz’s is bringing consistent, flavourful, delicious cannabis products and exceptional experiences to the legal market.

From the time we first started Fritz’s, we focused on innovating based on what the market wanted. We created, explored, and perfected our recipes, refining them based on the feedback we got from the cannabis community.

When Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, we were excited about the opportunity to bring our edibles to the wider cannabis market, but what we found was most producers were turning to traditional consumer packaged goods to recreate products like gummies and chocolates, often simply adding cannabis to an existing recipe.

We develop delicious, effective, consistent cannabis products. We believe that Canadians deserve edibles that are delicious and enjoyable to eat. Now, we’re bringing our years of developing perfect recipes to cannabis consumers across Canada.

OUR founders

Fritz’s founders, Ari Cohen and Tabitha Fritz, were introduced to, and experienced, cannabis in very different ways.

Each grew to have a similar passion for the power of this amazing plant. More than a decade after they serendipitously met, they continue to be a team—in life, family, and business.

Tabitha brings focus, creativity, and years of business experience, to Ari’s connectedness, charisma, and cannabis concoctions.

Always Handcrafted

Our gummies are made by hand, never by machine. Each batch is hand-cooked by our gummy master before being poured into silicone molds by our pharmaceutical-grade depositing robots.

We take our time with the inputs, mixing every batch by hand, bringing confectionery patience to our process. 

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Legacy blueprint

Fritz’s founders built their brand before legalization, and are now bringing their flavours to consumers across Canada.

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The Story Of Taste

The Fritz’s flavour profiles are designed from multiple angles – market research, and years of legacy market experience.

Learn about our product flavours. 

Ari Cohen

Ari first discovered the wonders of cannabis when he smoked his first joint at a Grateful Dead show in 1990. He has fond memories of brewing bottle tokes and building gravity bongs in university. Despite being labeled a “stoner,” Ari continued to explore his cannabis use and soon realized he was using the plant in a therapeutic way.

It wasn’t about getting high, but about getting levelled out and balanced. He found that his cannabis use helped him manage his anxiety, sleep better, and improve the overall quality of his life. As he continued to explore formats and strains his passion for the plant grew, so did his belief in the benefits for not only himself but for others. He found his true passion in the wonders and creative applications of edible cannabis.

Tabitha Fritz

Tabitha started consuming cannabis around the age of 30, when she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  After finding that the medication she was prescribed left her feeling disconnected from life, she discovered that cannabis gave her the mental and emotional space to start working on her anxiety, and the change in perspective she needed for recovery. 

Tabitha has years of experience in both teaching MBA students to apply model-based decision making and working as a cannabis educator. Now, Tabitha is taking this expertise to the legal cannabis market to help facilitate research, mentorship, and product development while working on bringing Fritz’s unique and innovative family recipes to the cannabis market.

Our Story

Over the Years

  • meet cannabis
    Ari Cohen first smokes cannabis at a Grateful Dead show in Hamilton, when he’s passed a joint from the generous, shirtless stranger standing next to him. He takes his first drag as the opening notes of West LA Fadeaway fill the arena, and his life would never be the same.
  • first tokes
    Tabitha Fritz smokes cannabis for the first time with her friend, Angela. The two finish a three-pound bag of frozen strawberries and tub of cool whip in an afternoon
  • Tabitha wouldn’t consume cannabis again until she met Ari


  • the beginning
    Ari serendipitously meets Tabitha. The two begin talking and never stop.
  • the great North
    Tabitha moves from the US to Canada to get her MBA at the University of Toronto
  • After two years of living in different countries, Ari and Tabitha are finally able to move in together
  • creative inspiration
    Fritz’s Cannabis Company is first established in Ari and Tabitha’s kitchen, as they experiment with using vaporized cannabis to create granola and brownies for patients in need.
  • legalization
    Cannabis is legalized across Canada, and the Cannabis Act comes into effect.  This allows individuals in most provinces to grow at home and buy non-medicinal cannabis from approved retailers.
  • coming to market
    Fritz’s edibles come to market and are finally made available for all of-age Canadians

Handcrafted edibles and cannabis products



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