• 5 MG THC
  • 5 MG CBD

Refreshing and sweet, Raspberry Lemonade combines the fresh, subtle sweetness and tart undertones of raspberries with the refreshingly familiar taste of lemonade. Dancing across your taste buds, Fritz’s raspberry lemonade gummies are a delectable and chewy treat. Handmade and infused with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, these coins offer a more balanced and relaxed experience. 

Refreshing Zest

Most flavours are crafted from what scientists know as ‘gamma lactones’ – the ‘volatile compounds’ that contribute to the smells and tastes we love. If you start with excellent ingredients, you get the desired experience.

Citrus flower

Raspberry lemonade is the kind of refreshing reserved for thirst-quenching summer days. We always start with quality ingredients and work with tried and true methods to extract the freshest flavours into the perfect chewy gummy. 

Light & Sweet

Our raspberry lemonade taste brings together a splash of sweet fresh raspberry and tart citrus in a refreshing chew.

Sun-ripened tartness

Raspberry lemonade is a staple flavour but hard to replicate successfully in the lab. By using fresh ingredients and inputs, we create consistent, recognizable tastes that complement the cannabinoid effects.


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