Legacy-To-Legal Success: Fritz’s Cannabis Company Launches into Ontario Recreational Market


TORONTO, ON – Sept 1, 2021 – Fritz’s Cannabis Company (“Fritz’s” or the “Company”) has entered the adult-use recreational cannabis market in Ontario, selling out their initial purchase order through provincial wholesale portals, and being immediately asked to supply a second order. A famed legacy-market brand, Fritz’s brings expertise and a decade of experience to the domain of cannabis edibles in Canada, where they have already demonstrated their capabilities.

The Company’s distribution throughout Ontario is the first significant wholesale of Fritz’s gummy products. Aligned with direct producer-to-consumer education channels, Fritz’s cannabis products are currently available at the Royal Cannabis Supply Company Farmgate Store, located at 105 Claireport Crescent in Etobicoke.

“Our story highlights every cornerstone of Health Canada’s mandate to incorporate legacy brands into the current regulated framework. We couldn’t be more excited to get our well-loved gummies into the hands of cannabis consumers Canada-wide, and we’re so grateful for the incredible support from Fritz’s fans with our reintroduction into the Ontario market,” says Tabitha Fritz, co-founder and CEO of Fritz’s Cannabis Company.

“Our gummies are the product of years of legacy market experience and an ongoing commitment to make the best possible product out there. Our hands touch each and every gummy – with gloves, of course – to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards. Our entire team’s goal is to provide the best cannabis consumption experience,” says Ari Cohen, co-founder and Chief Gummy Officer of Fritz’s.

Fritz’s cannabis products are currently available through Ontario retail portals, and through local retailers in the coming weeks.

About Fritz’s

Fritz’s Cannabis Company was founded in the Toronto kitchen of Tabitha Fritz and Ari Cohen in 2015, beginning as a medical cannabis experiment utilizing the leftovers of vaporized weed. This turned into a passion to bring high-quality, handmade edibles to the wider cannabis community. Fritz’s is focused on innovative, small batch edibles, bringing consistent, flavourful, delicious cannabis products and exceptional experiences to the legal market. For more information visit: Fritzs.ca or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@fritzscanada).




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