Cannabis, Period: Using Marijuana To Relieve Menstrual Symptoms


This article was written by Marian Venini and originally published in El Planteo. This article was posted on Benzinga.

It is no longer a secret that marijuana helps alleviate a plethora of conditions, from anxiety and depression to inflammation and muscle pain. Menstruation is no exception. Many menstruating folk use (and have used for millennia) this plant to combat period pain, thanks to its natural analgesic properties.

Given that these ailments affect around 80% of the world’s menstruating population, any new course of treatment is welcome. Thus, we spoke with Tabitha Fritz, a women’s health and cannabis expert, to gain a little perspective on the benefits that marijuana can provide for menstruation.

It is also key to note that estrogen levels, which fluctuate during the menstrual cycle, directly influence the cannabis experience.

“When estrogen is low (like right before their period), most women are less sensitive to the effects of THC than when their estrogen levels are higher. This is just before ovulation, in the middle of your cycle,” explains Tabitha.

“It’s important to know this because cannabis can be used throughout a woman’s cycle to help alleviate symptoms. However, her experience will change in the course of that same cycle.”

How to use cannabis to alleviate period pain

In terms of delivery methods, whatever method you already use to consume cannabis will work perfectly, be it smoking, vaping, edibles, etc.

However, Tabitha particularly recommends cannabis-infused suppositories. This is because, as mentioned above, internal use products are more effective for women. The same is true for cannabis lubricants.

She also mentioned she personally uses THC or CBD oils, which help improve sleep, digestion, and overall mood. Tabitha applies a cannabis topical to her temples and neck as well, for headaches that can occur just before her period begins.

However, if you’ve never tried cannabis therapy to relieve your menstruation symptoms and would like to try it, the expert recommends starting out with a CBD product that doesn’t contain THC.

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