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Cannabis Dosing 101


Proper dosing is one of the biggest challenges facing home cannabis cooks—and the Cannabis Act has put a lot of emphasis on this part of assuring cannabis product quality in the legal market—and with good reason! 

Dosing in the legal market

In the Canadian cannabis industry, all licensed cultivators and extraction processors must submit their cannabis products for testing. Anything you buy at a legal retail store will have the THC and CBD percentages written right on the package. At home, cooking with dried cannabis, it’s very difficult to get the same level of consistency as in the legal market. In fact, unless you are testing your dried cannabis or cannabis oil at a lab, it is very difficult to figure out exactly what the dosage is of the oils you make yourself at home.

You can always choose to use legally available cannabis products to get the most accurate dosing—but maybe you’re looking for a bit of experimentation cooking at home? 

Trying your cannabis cooking 

It’s a good idea to ‘start low and go slow’ whenever you’re trying a new batch of products. When cooking with cannabis at home, this is especially important. Mixing is key to getting your cannabis homecooking dosed right. Alongside the variables in THC and CBD percentages among different products, it’s especially hard to guarantee accuracy at home. Whether you use legal cannabis oil distributed into your cooking, make your own oil from dried cannabis, or if you grow your own plants to use in varying levels of freshness, figuring out exactly how your cannabis concoction subjectively affects your body is key to an excellent cannabis experience. 

If you are interested in testing the oil you make at home, you can try to find a lab or kit that accepts homegrown samples for testing. You can see the list of labs available across Canada here, but note that not all of them offer non-industry testing services. 

Understanding how cannabis dosing works in the body 

Have you ever heard someone say, “My buddy gave me these cookies and I was fried for three days”? You’ve probably heard some variation of this story, and if you’ve experienced it yourself, you know overconsuming cannabis can be really uncomfortable. Why exactly does this happen? 

To give you a simple breakdown: when edible cannabis is processed, it is sent through your liver, where the THC is converted into another, more potent form of THC. And everyone’s metabolism is different! Just because someone can smoke joint after joint, it doesn’t mean they can eat edibles with abandon. 

The THC processing mechanism works differently with edibles and that means you have to be aware of both cannabis dosing, but also how your body metabolises THC. For one person, dozens of milligrams is a small dose, for another, only 5 mg can be enough to ‘feel it.’ 

This is why the Cannabis Regulations cap the dosage at only 10 mg, and why you need to learn how cannabis dosing works in your body, and the variables in how you may process different ingredients in different recipes. As you experiment in the kitchen, remember to try your cooking carefully — and let us know what you make! 

Fritz’s is committed to producing quality education and product and process information that help empower consumers, budtenders, and industry individuals navigate the legal cannabis industry. 

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